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How many assets do you have in the fitness industry?  You may have a boot camp business and/or a personal training business.  That counts as one or two.   But how many eBooks, DVD’s, Youtube videos, CD’s, Manuals, CD -Roms, Kindle books, Hard cover books, etc have you created?

If you want to broaden your skill set and potentially increase your wealth in 2014, then this important message is for YOU.

It’s amazing but the majority of fitness professionals that I know, still don’t know what an eBook is.   They don’t have a clue about how to create CD’s, DVD’s, CD-Roms, membership sites, or set up a free YouTube account.   What’s worse is that they don’t see the BENEFIT in doing any of the above.

Don’t let this happen to YOU!

Fitness pro and entrepreneur, Scott York



I’m Scott York and I’m here to help.   Here are just some of the revenue streams that I’ve created:

Bodybuilding DVD Of The Month



Over 24 monthly DVDs from 2005 – 2007! This first of its kind product still earns tons of money and won me the runner up title of Ryan Lee’s entrepreneur of the year in 2005. I’m the go to guy for creating fitness and bodybuilding DVDs in this industry!  This has been a worldwide bestseller!


Fitness DVD Of The Month



Over 36 monthly DVDs from 2007 – 2010!  This DVD features fitness and figure mega star and celebrity, Monica Brant.  I’m currently working on a “Best Of” follow up DVD due to the overwhelming popularity of this series.  Another worldwide bestseller sold in nearly every country you can name.



Fitness Documentary featuring Adela Garcia

I teamed up with bodybuilding and fitness documentary extraordinaire, Mike Pulcinella on this one.  Adela Garcia’s is an IFBB pro fitness competitor who has dominated the industry.An amazing story of her comeback from injury to victory!



Nutrition CD

I created this CD for my fitness bootcamp members but it also sells to people around the country via my website. I’ve created over 15 CDs and CD-Roms. Would I do this if they weren’t worth my time?




The eBook, “Fitness Games!” came out in 2007.  I wrote it mostly while watching my kids play outside. Since it’s release, it has sold thousands of copies worldwide and has spawned a whole new segment within the bootcamp industry. I’ve written and published numerous eBooks in the fitness industry since 2007.



Fitness Bootcamp

I started my bootcamp in the Summer of 2005.  I got some clients off of craigslist.  They told others, word spread, got newspaper and TV coverage and dominated my area.  I love training groups of motivated people – there’s nothing like helping others achieve optimum health!



I could go on, but you get the picture.   I’m known as the guy who can spot immediate “profit centers” in your business.  I’ve done it over and over. In fact, due to my success helping others build their businesses, I spoke in Austin, Texas  (November 2013) about entrepreneurship.  Some of the other speakers included:

Best selling author and featured in the movie, “The Secret”, Joe Vitale

Featured in the Steven Spielberg blockbuster movie, “E.T.”

We spoke about entrepreneurship and more to a packed room of people who paid big bucks to get in on the action. Here are just some of the places that my products are listed:      


    and I haven’t even mentioned my own websites, google adsense revenue, coaching calls, for hire projects (videography, editing, personal training, online training, consulting and on and on).   Ask yourself if you are accomplishing what you set out to this year.


If so, GREAT and CONGRATULATIONS you probably don’t need the rest of this message.   But if you’re scratching your head and wondering what your goals were this year because you’ve forgotten, then raise your hand and keep reading.

Here’s a short list of what I can help you learn to create by yourself!  (You’ll feel super empowered and much more in control of your financial health)

    • Fitness related DVDs (I’ve created over 60 by myself and I sell them via wholesalers, on Amazon and through my individual websites)  I know you have some ideas for your own dvd!  Make 2014 the year that you create your own dvd.



    • CD’s and CD-Roms.  I’ve created nearly 20, designed the artwork myself, recorded the content myself and publish them myself.  It’s an AMAZING feeling to be able to “publish at will”.  One of my most popular CD’s is a nutritional CD that I did for my bootcamp business.  It also sells worldwide.  That’s just how the internet works.


    • eBooks.  Amazon now sells more instantly downloadable eBooks than hardcover books.  The time is ripe for getting your own kindle publishing empire going.  I’ll show you step by step.  I’ve created numerous best selling eBooks, primarily in the boot camp niche.  Boot camp instructors and coaches can never have enough workouts, games and challenges for their boot camps.  If you are self motivated and business minded, you should crank out your own eBook, pronto!  I’ll help.


    • Membership sites, forums, message boards and my current favorite, YouTube channels.  Let me know which of these you’re interested in creating and why and I’ll show you how, step by step.


    How To Make Money In Fitness

“Scott and I have been working together since 2007 and he’s been very inspirational to me in many areas.  Financially, as a friend and as a mentor.  I can always come to him for ideas  and he helps me to think through things – why they would or would not benefit me.  He has a really good way of making things make sense!”   Monica Brant




I’ve got room again for 2 of you in my Elite Fitness Professional Series!

Think of me as your “Trainer On Retainer” during this exciting opportunity!

I’m not going to explain why I should charge $5,000 per person to teach these skills.  You already know that once you learn how to create your own products and websites, you’ll make that $5,000 back.   In fact, the sky is the limit during your lifetime.  How much you make is entirely up to you.  Each time you create another eBook, dvd, cd, youtube video – you’re creating another ASSET.  Assets are how people become financially independent.   I plan on hosting these “Elite Fitness Professional” sessions online regularly.  Perhaps, not every month but regularly.   I’m currently accepting 2 clients into the next “Elite Fitness Professional”  session not for $5,000 but for currently only  $995! . Although I don’t know how much you’ll make, I do know that you won’t be in the same situation next year, wondering how you’re going to take your business to the next level.     To me, the worst feeling in the world is one of helplessness.   This exclusive program is going to empower and excite you.  It’s going to give you FOCUS.  That all important little 5 letter word.



This is not a “one size fits all” program.   Just like a training program that you might create for your new client, this is a individualized one on one program.   Just YOU and me.   That’s why I’m limiting this offer to only 2 fitness professionals for the current price of   $995!.


Once you register, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A scheduled one on one phone call or skype session with me to get the ball rolling


  • A short follow up email and questionnaire from me to you



  • Personalized, private password protected screencasts from me to you showing you how to create your desired product(s).  You can download these screencasts to your computer so that you’ll have access to these learning materials forever.



  • Follow up emails and/or screencasts during the program to ensure that you remain focused and clear on how to create your product(s).



“But Scott, why isn’t this a monthly program?”   Great question!  I’ve learned  that my coaching sessions have the most success when people take on 1 goal at a time.   Month to month programs tend to bombard and overwhelm people in that they lose focus and become overwhelmed.   They are constantly taken off course by next months new info and lose sight of what their original goal was.   Accomplishing one goal at a time works best in today’s busy world!

Next, I want you to…

Elite Fitness Professional Group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Registration is CLOSED!



Working with Scott has been a game changer for me.
Enrolling in Fitness Video Profits was the best business investment
I’ve made.Scott helped me develop an implementation strategy and
as a result I’ve increased productivity more in the past month than
all of last year.His insights into both fitness and marketing trends have been invaluable when developing my target market and creating a cost effective strategy to deliver multiple products.Scott is amazing at walking you through step by step exactly what you need to do, what works, what DOESN’T work, and providing valuable feedback that will save you time, money, and frustration.

I mean every word of this – you’re a game changer.  You’ve made a difference in my life.  I can’t thank you enough.

Leigh L.
CEO Chief Exercise Officer




To Your Success,

Scott York

P.S. Think about this before you register.  Only register if you are serious about upgrading your skill set in the fitness profession.  No whiners, complainers or negative types allowed.  I only work with upbeat, enthusiastic types.  I hope that’s YOU!  YOU have to take action, I will not beg, cry, or go all urban on your a#&!

P.P.S.    I want you to take advantage of this at the most inexpensive price of $995.  Register NOW!  I’ll work with you as long it takes to get the product DONE (up to 3 months or at my discretion if no action is being taken).  Let me know if you would like a payment plan and I’ll happily do what I can!


  1. Rob M says:

    Hi Scott, I’m very interested in starting up an e-business that focuses on teaching other bootcamp & group fitness instructors some new ideas and workout plans. I love getting your emails and the sharing of your ideas and I would love to start selling an ebook that shares my ideas I have gathered over the least 6 years.

    I live in Sydney Australia and after watching your video it seems your 4 week program might be just what I need

    I currently run bootcamps in Sydney and earn just over $100,000 per year. I’m reasonably happy with this income but I want to take it to the next step and I want that next step to be one where I don’t need to physically be at sessions any more. Setting up an e-business with ebooks and CDs seems like my next step.

    I wanted to ask, how contactable are you during the 4 weeks? for example if I get stuck with my ebook or youtube channel can I email you questions or is it more structured and can I only ask for your help on a weekly basis?

    Rob M.

    • admin says:

      Rob signed up for my Elite Fitness Professional program in late 2012. We’re still working together to finish up his first eBook. He’s also set up a youtube channel and a website to compliment both his existing bootcamp as well as his upcoming product.

      Will you be next?

      Scott York

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